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Street Literature Index guide

SURNAME - Surname of person being indexed.
FIRST NAME(S) - First name(s) of person being indexed.
BIOG DATES - Significant biographical dates, when known, preferably birth and death.
BIOG DETAILS - Other biographical details, in brief, with facts which impinge upon business activities and street literature involvement foregrounded.
PRINT DATES - Simple start and finish dates for street literature activity, where known. Dates given here are based on current knowledge and are particularly liable to alteration.
PRINT DATE NOTES - Any note necessary to explain dates given in the PRINT DATES field.
BUS ADDRESSES - One of the key fields in the register. Gives all addresses at which the person known to have operated and, where possible, the relevant dates.
PLACENAME - Simplified place of operation, in format: Country : County : Town.
ADDRESS NOTES - Any note necessary to explain dates given in the BUS ADDRESSES field.
SUMMARY - A brief summary of the indexed person's street literature career.
BUS NOTES - Indicates the areas of the trade the indexed person was involved in - often drawn from their own description on their publications, adverts, or local directories; eg 'Music seller', 'General printer', etc.
BUS ALLIANCES - Other individuals or companies having known business associations with indexed person.
PREDECESSORS - Previous owners or proprietors of the business
SUCCESSORS - People who took over the business.
GEN NOTES - General notes.
INFO SOURCES - Brief indication of major sources of information for details included in the entry (BBTI = British Book Trade Index)
IMPRINTS - Significant variations in imprints - especially if useful for dating materials.
ENTRY OWNER - Initials of the person who contributed the entry.
ENTRY DATE - Date of entry into the database.
STATUS - Indicates how complete the entry is. 'Skeleton' signifies a basic entry, with facts as known at present, but relatively sparse or unconfirmed. 'Intermediate' indicates a more fully developed entry but still with gaps. 'Advanced' is an entry which has benefitted from sustained research and includes confirmed details.
REGISTERID - The unique identifier for the entry. Always starts with 'PR'.
MATERIAL TYPES - Brief indication of range of materials indexed person was involved with; eg Broadsides, Chapbooks, Engravings, etc.