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Browser compatibility

The three English Folk Dance and Song Society websites (EFDSS, Cecil Sharp House and The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library) are all designed to make best use of HTML5 facilities. The sites also make extensive use of CSS and JavaScript, and both of these should be enabled in your browser. The sites do not require proprietary or non-standard browser plug-ins like Flash.

This means that the sites will work well all modern browsers (e.g. up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome) and should also work adequately on mobile browsers.

There may, however, be problems if you try to view the sites using version 8 or earlier of Internet Explorer or you use Internet Explorer in 'compatibility mode'. Although these versions of Internet Explorer will work to a certain extent, they will not allow you to view or listen to the HTML5 compatible video and audio files used on the sites. If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer we strongly suggest that you update to an up-to-date version, or install an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox.

If you have any comments or feedback about the functionality of the sites, please feel to contact us.